A Christmas Tragedy

With all the good news I tried to share this Christmas season, there is always the bad. Apparently there was a terrible tragedy . . . Some sort of hunting incident.



9 thoughts on “A Christmas Tragedy

  1. the picture of couse! 😉

    have a happy new year!

    i got another post on the back burner for jelspeaks . but it’s hard to get my words to come togerther , if ya know what i mean 😕

  2. Thanks, Pastor Tim. Glad you enjoyed it. Hope you and your family have a blessed New Year!

    jel, I do know what you mean! I’ll stop by to read when you post it. Happy New Year.

  3. I agree with jel. How rude! I understand that she may have needed the meat in the freezer. But, mounting him for all the world to see is going to far! Next thing you know, there will have a 6 foot Easter bunny stuffed and on display in Wyoming somewhere.
    Funny pic.

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