Bits and Pieces

I’m working on the tag by Shane. I’m such a boring person, it’s difficult to find 7 facts about me. (Hey, maybe that could be fact #1!)

I have added my friend Jonathan McBride to my blogroll. He has a new blog and has posted several excellent pieces about community building. Jonathan has some things to say that need to be read. Stop by and check him out.

Finally, according to AOL their top 10 searches for today were:
Hot Searches For January 9, 2008:
1. DTV Coupons — Digital TV transition rebate program running out of money
2. Alli — Wynonna Judd becomes new face of diet pill
3. Earthquake — Quake shakes up Los Angeles area and Costa Rica
4. Lara Logan — CBS foreign affairs correspondent gives birth to baby boy
5. Macy’s — Closing several stores
6. Elvis — Fans gather at Graceland to celebrate his birthday
7. John Gotti — Prosecutors say body of Gotti’s neighbor was dissolved in acid
8. John 3:16 — BCS Champ Tim Tebow sported this bible verse during the game
9. BCS — Florida Gators win National Championship
10. Salmonella — Outbreak in eggs and cheese causes illness across US

Note #8. By simply wearing this verse in his eye-black, thousands that had apparently not read John 3:16, now have. What a discreet, yet effective witness!


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