Seven Random Facts

I’ve been tagged by Shane to list seven random or weird facts about myself.

1. I stay up too late, too often.
2. I have eaten rattlesnake. And yes, it tastes like chicken.
3. My film career consists of two scenes as a “background artisan” in the award-winning mini-series John Adams.
4. I have lived in every state on the southeast Atlantic coast.
5. Friends occasionally accuse me of having a warped sense of humor (though I don’t understand why!)
6. I’ve never been to Boston in the fall.
7. Even before I learned of the rhyme “Step on a crack . . .” I avoided doing so. I have always preferred allowing two steps per square while walking on the sidewalk. (Running is a different story.)

The second part is to tag seven others:
Amy, Gordon, Casey, Jonathan, Bob, and the first two readers to share theirs in the comment section.


5 thoughts on “Seven Random Facts

  1. Sorry for the retag, Bob.

    I’m actually in two scenes (episodes 3 and 4 I think). One is Adam’s inauguration speech – can’t be seen well, I’m standing in the back of the room. The other is Washington’s swearing in. On the balcony, I’m standing directly behind the guy holding the Bible for the ceremony. Again, not much face time, but more than the other scene.

    Imagine me being cast as a congressman! In our time I’d be insulted. šŸ™‚

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