My Theory of Population Distinction based on Personal Observation of Dietary Behavior at Social Gatherings

Ok.  So the title is sorta pretentious.  The principle is simple:  I have this theory that most of the world is divided into two groups of people.  Cakies and icies.

The cakies are those who eat only the cake part of birthday cake.   They only eat as much icing as they have to. Usually, they are married to icies, so they scrape it off and contribute to their mate’s sugar coma.

The icies are those who eat only the icing.  To them, the cake is only an excuse to eat more icing.  These are the ones you see scraping the cardboard tray that the cake comes on.  (We may also be found in a deep sugar coma toward the ends of parties.)

Of course, I’m sure there are the occasional exceptions to this, but they just prove the rule! Only a couple people that I’ve talked to actually like both cake and icing equally.  If you’re in this group you are weird rare!

So, to all who read this, please help me prove or disprove my theory.  Feel free to share your preference in a comment.  Cakie or icie? or RARE (weird)?


11 thoughts on “My Theory of Population Distinction based on Personal Observation of Dietary Behavior at Social Gatherings

  1. Spot on! I am an icie, if I have to eat cake. My wife is a cakie. We have 4 children. The eldest and third are definite cakies. The second and youngest are big time icies. Amazingly, these similarities between parents and children carry over into other areas. Coinicidence?

  2. ok so i’m weird 😛
    hubby is icies !

    now if you were talking about anything with a crust on it , like bead or pizza i pass that to hubby 😉

  3. Cameron,

    I certainly is weird I guess but only because I’m normally so sweet I cain’t even look at the cake with out getting a sugar rush even though I just have to suffer and that’s when I’m an Icie ?


  4. got to thing today, i do like my cake with icing ~ unless i want a milk and cake soaker then i don’t want icing on my calk , so i guess i’m just half weird . 😉

  5. Thanks to all for joining in the fun! Maybe one of these days I can do further study on what it all indicates about us and those other areas Dave mentioned. 🙂

  6. I am like Jel…if it’s just the cake/icing then I’m an icie, but if I have the cake in a bowl with half-melted ice cream on top, the ice cream soaked cake is enough

  7. The answer to the above inquiry is based on relativity. Some icings are too sweet, however, I have never had chocolate icing that was too sweet. If we like cake why make it mushy with cream? Is that to cover up our dislike of cake?
    I believe Chocolate cake, and Chocolate Icing are absolutes in the discussion and all others types are weak interpretations of what is really meant to be. Like imitation Christians, maybe.
    Those who go for the weaker representations of the subject (cake and Icing) are expressing a weakness in the ability to determine good from evil.
    Your wonderful Daddy on such a abstract subject.

  8. Ha! Ha! Your post made me smile. I never quite thought of it that way, but I think you might be on to something.

    As for me, I’m and icie. Butter cream to be exact. Whipped cream frosting just doesn’t do it for me. Give me the pure sugar stuff every time. Mmmm!

  9. Wow! I hadn’t even thought of chocolate cake and icing as being absolutes. But, I would have to agree. I’ll go one step more, though. As with Christianity, too many people try to add things to the Gospel. The same goes for chocolate cake. Adding coconut and calling it “German Chocolate” actually takes away from the true value of the cake and/or icing.

  10. D & D, I knew there were deeper implications to this theory, but you guys have taken it in a direction I never anticipated. Who could have known birthday cake had theological overtones?

    tvb, I lean more toward the cream cheese icing!

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