Teach Me, O Great Media Master!

As I was catching a few moments of “Joe” this morning, a commercial for the NBC Nightly News caught my attention. It took a few minutes for me to think about what it said, but as it sunk it, it bothered me.

Summed up:

We have a new, intelligent, young President. (Shots of Obama)
We have deep problems . . . economy, terror, war. (Appropriate shots)
Brian Williams: “It’s our job to make sense of it all.”

Really?? I thought it was the job of journalists to present unbiased reports, and then I make sense of it. Have we come to the place that we have to be spoon-fed what we are to think? Is the American public that intellectually helpless?


I understand commentators like Hannity, Olbermann, or O’Reilly. It’s their job to present their opinions. But when I watch the evening news, I don’t want to hear how they “make sense of it all.” Maybe I’m overreacting here, but to me this mentality smacks of arrogance and condescension.

“Making sense” involves interpretation, interpretation involves world-view, and I don’t want that. I want “just the facts, man.”

Come on, guys. Leave the interpretation to me. If I want to know what I’m supposed to think, I’ll ask my wife.


9 thoughts on “Teach Me, O Great Media Master!

  1. This has bothered me for years. I noticed it several years ago. Next time you watch a news program with an “expert panel” – notice how many of the “experts” are journalists that have never had any real experience in their area of “expertise”.

  2. The news of today is simply a venue of spewing out one’s biased opinions good or bad. On asking your wife, remember: Adam reacted to the wisdom(?) of his wife: Pilot didn’t respond to the wisdom(!) of his wife. Just a word of caution from the old man who has been here a looooong time and learned the art of survival. I Think! Maybe I should ask my wife.

  3. I find myself agreeing with each of these comments. Which raises two questions:

    Is it realistic to expect objective journalism?

    and . . .

    Does it even matter for married men? 🙂

    While the second question is tongue-in-cheek, what do you think about the first one? Should we reconcile ourselves to the subjective approach?

  4. IMO.. getting a “balanced” perspective of the “news” really requires an approach that gets the “news” from several diverse sources.

    Extremists on one side rail against MSNBC and extremists on the opposite side rail against Fox News. Maybe it isn’t an either or viewing choice.. maybe it is a bit of both?

  5. I do think we need to resign to the fact that subjective reporting is here to stay. I find myself trying to get my news from different sources, KB suggests. My main goal is to try and filter my opinion through Scriptures. (which we should do with Sermons as well)

    This subjectivity has gone into school textbooks as well. I expected a huge difference between Christian and secular Science books. But, it was eye-opening to realize the vast difference in History books. (even amongst secular books) A lot of opinion peppered in, and written as factual statements.

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