It’s so true it hurts.

This past Christmas, my dearly beloved brother and sister-in-law gave me a “demotivational” calender from Each month I get some great “encouragement” from it. Here’s the gem for March:



16 thoughts on “It’s so true it hurts.

  1. C, are you butter~in your brother up for something saying that
    (my dearly beloved brother) ?

    what does that say under the “BLOGGING” can’t read fine print 😕

    oh and i like this layout 2 🙂

    • Just a hint of sarcasm, jel! 🙂

      The fine print says, “Never Before Have So Many People with So Little To Say Said So Much to So Few.” Pretty apt description of blogging!

  2. Great thought Cameron; especially coming from one who is also blogging – your brother that is.
    I also like your new template, theme, layout; whatever is the proper term for it.

  3. Great Layout!
    Funny thought!
    Odd your brother refers to the heart. He told his church he wasn’t sure I had one!!
    Didn’t want to use too many words!

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