Maybe it’s a sign that I’m getting older,

pigeon_camera2but I found myself cheering the pigeon’s victory. I appreciate and use technology, but sometimes crave the simpler past.


6 thoughts on “Maybe it’s a sign that I’m getting older,

  1. I too like the technology, but I love this story. It goes to show that you used to be able to go into a automotive license place and walk out quicker, than you can now with them computerized.

  2. You young fellows don’t have a clue about the “old days” Days of no ball point pens, no Hardees, McD.s etc. Just the local hamburger joints. Now that’s when a burger was a burger. Gas was .18 a gallon, bread .20 and we didn’t tell time by a watch (who could afford one) but by the sun! Now those were the days of relaxation. Sitting on the porch with a glass of tea was a way of life and not just a break.
    Churches? No AC but hand fans with a herse on the back. If the preacher preached on dying it could get your attention. No church nursery, No padded pews, No screens on the windows, Those were the days that would test your faithfulness to the Lord! If you got caught writing notes in church (texting today) you were taken out back and received an attention getter!!.

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