Overwhelmed by the Cross

Dr. G. Campbell Morgan was a well known Bible teacher and expositor. He served as pastor of the famous Westminster Chapel for many years. Here are his thoughts on writing about the sufferings of Christ:

Than this (the sufferings of Christ) there is no subject more mysterious and yet more sacred in the whole realm of revealed truth. This is the heart of that mystery of the love and wisdom of God, which wrought towards, and made possible the salvation of man. Personally I increasingly shrink from any attempt to speak in detail of the great fact of the Cross. This is not because I am growing away from it, but rather on account of the fact that I am more deeply conscious every day of my need of all it stands for, and as I have pressed closer to its heart, I have become almost overwhelmed with its unfathomable deeps, and its infinite majesty.

G.Campbell Morgan from “The Crises of the Christ”

The enormity of the redemptive work of Christ should produce a sense of awe and worship during these days as we contemplate the events of that week.


4 thoughts on “Overwhelmed by the Cross

  1. Glad the quote was a blessing.

    It’s good to be posting again. Not sure how much time I’ll be able to invest, but anything will be more than the past several months!

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