He is Risen Indeed!

It is said that the salutation of the early believers was “Christ is risen! To which the one greeted would respond, “He is risen indeed.”

Today, even though hundreds of years have passed, we can still respond with the same certainty. “He is risen indeed!” The resurrection of Jesus Christ is a cornerstone of our faith and hope of salvation.

Some believers have an unhealthy fascination with “signs and wonders”. Others live as if God is not big enough to do anything miraculous in their lives. The real miracle is the transforming work that God is able to do in our lives. According to Romans 8, this is the power of the resurrection.

On this Resurrection Sunday, let’s rejoice in “resurrection power.” The same power that is able to raise Jesus from the grave is able to change us now into His likeness. When He returns, it is the same power that will raise us to be with Him forever.

Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday.

He is Risen Indeed!


3 thoughts on “He is Risen Indeed!

  1. Cameron, Thanks for this. A year or so ago our morning greeting in church is done with myself saying to the congregation, “He is risen” to which they respond, “He is risen indeed” and I most of the time say “Jesus is risen”.

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