The Redemption of Tiger Woods

At Confessions of a Small-Church Pastor, Chuck Warnock has posted on why he, as a Tiger Woods fan, is glad he did NOT win the Masters. Chuck closed with

Tiger has a long way to go. I for one wish him well. I hope his marriage survives and his family is reunited. But if that happens it won’t be because of what happens on the golf course. It will be because of what happens in his heart. After all, redemption doesn’t come at the Masters; it only comes from the Master.

In comments I responded,

True redemption – the redemption he needs WILL only come from the Master. Redemption with the American public? That will come with time and a well-designed public-image strategy.

Which redemption will he choose? Unfortunately, it seems pretty obvious that, at least for now, the one he’s after is not the one he needs. With you, I hope that changes.

What are your thoughts on “Tiger’s redemption?”


2 thoughts on “The Redemption of Tiger Woods

  1. I only feel sorry for the man right now. He is angry and confused – not a great place to be when the TV cameras are rolling. When talking about his moral failings he has alluded to leaving his Buddhist roots and doesn’t seem to realize that faith is not something that is made to be compartmentalized.. one lives a life of faith or a life of something else.

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