The Source of Scripture

Why should I study the Bible?

Reason #1: Because of its source

“All Scripture is given by inspiration (is breathed out) of God”.

The Scriptures are God’s words. It did not come “by the will of man”, but as God’s Spirit moved them. (2 Peter 1:21) Because of this, the Bible is the only book worthy to be studied every single day of your life. It is an expression and revelation of His nature. Other books can add to our knowledge and understanding, but only the God’s Word can bring Godly wisdom.

I love books, but there’s no book like The Book. It is a gracious gift from our Father who loved us enough to reveal Himself through it. If God cared enough to make sure we have His word to read, we should surely care enough to read the word we have.

After retiring from public life, Patrick Henry spent his remaining years at his home at Red Hill, Virginia. One day a neighbor visited him and found him reading the Scriptures.

“This book is worth all the books that ever were printed,” he said, “and it has been my misfortune that I never found time to read it with the proper attention and feeling till lately. I trust in the mercy of Heaven that it is not yet too late.”

Let’s not wait to study what God has said.


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