Everything you never wanted to know about flying . . .

Readers Digest shares 50 Secrets Your Pilot Won’t Tell You. Here are some of my favorites:

Things You’d Rather Not Hear

“There’s no such thing as a water landing. It’s called crashing into the ocean.” – Pilot, South Carolina

“People don’t understand why they can’t use their cell phones. Well, what can happen is 12 people will decide to call someone just before landing, and I can get a false reading on my instruments saying that we are higher than we really are.” -Jim Tilmon

“There is no safest place to sit. In one accident, the people in the back are dead; in the next, it’s the people up front.” -John Nance

And Three Things Pilots Will Never Say
“We’re heading into some thunderstorms.” What they’ll say instead: “It looks like there’s some weather [or “rough air” or “rain showers”] up ahead.”

“One of our engines just failed.” What they’ll say instead: “One of our engines is indicating improperly.” (Or more likely, they’ll say nothing, and you’ll never know the difference. Most planes fly fine with one engine down.)

“Well, folks, the visibility out there is zero.” What they’ll say instead: “There’s some fog in the Washington area.”


7 thoughts on “Everything you never wanted to know about flying . . .

    • At least I didn’t attach a link to the story about the crocodile who got loose on a plane this week!

      Just remember that you’re more likely to get hurt in a car than in a plane. 🙂 (Or so they say.)

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