Great Man, Amazing Story, Good Book

**If you’re still looking for a Christmas gift for the bibliophile in your life, here’s a brief review of a biography I read some time back. Great pick for wide range of interests and ages.

An engaging story about a remarkable man, Amazing Grace: The Life of William Wilberforce by Eric Metaxas serves as a great introduction to his life and work.

Wilberforce radically transformed, not only the issue of slavery, but also the entire perspective of the English (and English-influenced) world. The author additionally introduces the reader to the diverse cast of characters who were a part of this social transformation. Many of these men and women are virtually unknown in our time, but had tremendous influence on their’s and subsequent generations. This is an engaging account of a life that every (and I do mean EVERY) modern person needs to be familiar with.

Written in a very readable manner, this book will grab the attention of teens and adults alike. This is not the in-depth, detailed account that the serious inquirer will be satisfied with, but it certainly succeeds in introducing the reader to the man and whetting the appetite for more.


2 thoughts on “Great Man, Amazing Story, Good Book

    • I liked it better (and I enjoyed the movie). It gave considerably more detail, and actually helped me make better sense of the movie (which is not always in chronological order). It was marketed as a “companion” to the film, but I think that tends to create low expectations. It certainly stands well on its own as a biography.

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