Wilberforce or Brown:The Dark Shadow of Slavery/Abortion and Their Consequences

I have written of the slavery/abortion comparison on several occasions on this blog. This article at RedState follows the same comparison. Following an appalling description of an abortion by a former Planned Parenthood director, the article notes:

No modern-day John Brown has arisen and those who preach violence as a means to solve the abortion dilemma are justly universally condemned. We trust, because our democratic system provides non-violent avenues for solving so many problems and righting even deeply entrenched wrongs, that sooner or later it will respond to an awakening of our national conscience on this matter as well. But as year after year passes and this question remains in judicially-imposed stasis, out of reach of the democratic process, we are faced with nagging doubts: what if we can never achieve a peaceful end to the legalized mass killing of small human beings in this country? If the day comes that we reach this conclusion, will the rise of a new John Brown be inevitable? If so, how will we as conscientious pro-lifers deal with such individuals? We are fooling ourselves if we dismiss these as easy or morally unserious questions, and we wrong the defenseless innocent if we agree, for the sake of politeness, not to discuss them.

When I first wrote of this in The Mirror of Evil, a friend asked if the ultimate resolution of slavery foreshadowed that of abortion. I couldn’t answer then, and shudder to do so now. If America had a William Wilberforce instead of a John Brown, might our history have been different?

History is not inevitably repeated, and I pray that it is not. Unless the moral atrocity of abortion is ended however, such questions of consequences will continue to hang over our heads.

Read the entire article.


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