Weekends are for Worship (2)

One of the dangers in our worship of God is when we impose our preconceptions on Him, and fashion our worship according to our own tastes and preferences.  Man is prone to shape God according to own image. Stephen Charnock addresses this in The Existence and Attributes of God,

When men fancy God like themselves in their corporeal nature, they will soon make a progress, and ascribe to him their corrupt nature; and while they clothe him with their bodies, invest him also in the infirmities of them.

God is a jealous God, very sensible of any disgrace, and will be as much incensed against an inward idolatry as an outward: that command which forbade corporeal images, would not indulge carnal imaginations . . . Since God humbles himself to our apprehensions, we should not debase him in thinking him to be that in his nature, which he makes only a resemblance of himself to us.

vol 1, p 198

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