Movie Review: The Least Among You

It’s 1965 and Richard Kelly (Cedric Sanders) is a black student at an all-white seminary. He’s not there from a sense of a call, but to serve probation for his arrest in the Watts riots. President Alan Beckett (William Devane) is hoping to lead the school in a new direction of openness and looks to Richard to lead the way.

Despite racial slurs, derogatory comments, even crosses burned in his dorm room, he struggles to fit in and accomplish change. Helped by school gardener, Samuel Benton (Lewis Gossett, Jr.), he discovers that the greatest change needed is surrendering his life to Christ by faith. With the help of Professor Kate Allison (Lauren Holly) he discovers the means to accomplish the change he seeks.

Despite some predictable elements, the genuineness of the story (based on the true story of Dr. Charles Marks) makes Richard’s experience poignantly real. The depth of story and complexity of characters make this an enjoyable film. Solid performances by the cast provide a moving backdrop for a moving lead performance by Sanders.

This is more than another “race” movie. “The Least Among You” provides a challenging look at the context in which faith, race, and integrity intertwine.

*A complimentary copy of this book was provided by the publisher through BookSneeze.

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