Book Review – Pujols: More Than The Game

For much of his career Albert Pujols has struggled against the perception that he’s only a great baseball player. While many people only dream of such an image, Pujols and his wife are often “frustrated with the media’s apparent lack of desire to write about Albert’s faith.”

In Pujols: More Than The Game authors Scott Lamb and Tim Ellsworth have provided a more complete portrait of arguably the greatest active MLB player. Pujols’ faith, charity, family, and baseball career are woven in a story that can be appreciated and enjoyed by fan and non-fan alike.

Even as a life-long Atlanta Braves fan, it was difficult not to cheer the rise of a young Dominican immigrant from high school ball to the pinnacle of his sport. Pujols’ athletic success results from a combination of God-given talent and singularly intense dedication to improvement.

This same dedication is evidenced in his spiritual life. Interspersed through stories of Pujols’ baseball accomplishments are testimonies of his progress as a Christian. He and wife Dee Dee are committed to growing in and living out their faith in Christ. This is not a hagiography – his failures are shown alongside his good deeds – but it does allow us to see the “fleshing-out” of a dedicated Christian athlete.

Whether you are a baseball fan or not you will enjoy this book. It is more than just a baseball book. There are sufficient stats and stories to satisfy the most ardent baseball enthusiast, but this does not make it any less enjoyable for the “normal” reader.

This is more than another Christian celebrity bio. I usually end such books with incredulity or concern. Albert Pujols is about more than the game. And this book is about more than the man. Ellsworth and Lamb present, not a saint, but an image of a flawed-yet-progressing Christian man – exactly what you would expect of a believer in the process of sanctification.

You may finish this book as an admirer of Pujols, the extraordinary baseball player. More importantly, you should end it with an increased appreciation for the work of God in the life of an ordinary believer.

*A complimentary copy of this book was provided by the publisher through BookSneeze

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