Unreality TV

Do you remember when T.V. was enjoyable because it was unrealistic?

I’m tired of surfing through:

People’s personal struggles with their weight loss.
Families with various combinations of multiple children.
Obscenely large tumors being removed.
Awkward moments in first dates.
B-list celebrities embarrassing themselves while achieving mediocre success in dancing, singing, athletics, etc.
People with weird collections, habits, or spouses.
Conniving, cheating, lying people (that you wouldn’t want to know in real life) in ridiculous competitions.

Whatever happened to:

Cars that jumped rivers,
Lawyers that seldom (if ever) lost,
Defendants that were always innocent,
Good guys that always finished first,
Policemen that always caught the bad guy (and weren’t bad themselves),
White hat wearing cowboys that could ride a horse, play a guitar and sing all at the same time – not to mention shoot more than six times without reloading,
Parents that always had wise advice, knew what to do, and did what was right,
Animals with abilities that bordered on the miraculous/ridiculous,
Sitcoms that were actually funny?

I could go on . . . but I won’t. Some show about an obese, polygamous family that’s hoarding cheesepuffs to feed their 27 children is about to come on TLC. Can’t miss that.

What do you miss about the good ol’ days of Unreality TV?


9 thoughts on “Unreality TV

  1. I completely agree with you. I no longer have cable because I am sick of “reality” shows. I live reality everyday in my own life. TV is my break from reality. So although I don’t miss the cowboys, I do miss the creativity of TV before the millenium.

  2. BOY , I sure do miss them.
    I’m glad that they have brought some of the old shows out on DVDs, wish they would bring out some more oldies but goodies 😉

  3. The first “reality” show that I ever saw is still the only one that was really “reality” TV. You can’t beat a good episode of “COPS”! Ok, I can’t handle more than about half an episode of “COPS” at a time. My family likes the DVDs of the old shows, too. Daniel Boone, The Waltons, Little House on the Prairie – those are their favorites.

    • I can honestly say I’ve never seen an episode of COPS. (Though I do get the theme song stuck in my head from time to time).

      Law enforcement-themed television for me? Andy Griffith and Barney Fife. 😀

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