Meditation on the Passion of our Savior

During this “Passion” week, I will be posting thoughts from various writers on the Christ, the Cross and the Resurrection. I hope you enjoy this prayer from John Bradford. Bradford was a Puritan pastor and royal chaplain who was martyred during the reign of Mary Tudor. Among Bradford’s final words at the stake were these “O England, England, repent!” He is the originator of the well-used phrase, “There, but for the grace of God, go I.

John Bradford closes his “Meditation on the Passion of our Savior” with this prayer:

O good Christ, open our eyes to see and shun Satan his subtlety against us, and never to forget that “as a roaring lion” he seeketh to destroy us. 

O, be thou for us no less vigilant than thou wast for the disciples and Peter, but only that Satan never prevail against us; but rather protect us still with thy grace, mercy, and blessing, as thou hitherto hast done of thine own goodness, and here didst [protect] the apostles not desiring it. 

O give us faith, increase it in us, and grant that we may know how salutary a thing faith is, which if it faint not, Satan and all his sayings cannot prevail. 

O give us to feel and bewail our infinite oblivion of thy word; and enable us to stand in the cross for thy name’s sake, and to find help and remedy always for the same, of thy goodness.”


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