A View of the Cross

In this week’s posts on the sufferings of Christ, here’s a comment from George Whitefield.

“Look by faith, behold the blessed Jesus, our all-glorious Emmanuel, not bound, but nailed on an accursed tree. See how He hangs crowned with thorns, and in derision of all that are round about Him: see how the thorns pierce Him, and how the blood in purple streams trickle down His sacred temples! Hark how the God of nature groans! See how He bows His head, and at length humanity gives up the ghost! Isaac is saved, but Jesus, the God of Isaac dies. A ram is offered up in Isaac’s room, but Jesus has no substitute; Jesus must bleed, Jesus must die. God the Father provided this Lamb for Himself from all eternity. He must be offered in time, or man must be damned for evermore.

“And now, where are your tears? Shall I say, Refrain your voice from weeping? No, rather let me exhort you to look on Him whom you have pierced, and mourn, as a woman mourns for her first-born: for we have been the betrayers, we have been the murderers of this Lord of glory; and shall we not bewail those sins, which brought the blessed Jesus to the accursed tree? Having so much done, so much suffered for us, so much forgiven, shall we not love much!

“O! let us love Him with all our hearts, and minds, and strength, and glorify Him in our souls and bodies, for they are His.”


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