9 Random Thoughts (by an American) on the Royal Wedding

I may be one of the few American males to admit it, but I watched “the” wedding. I was awake, it was on, I watched.

Liked the ceremony (traditional, so little surprise in it), am ready for the cynics to give it a rest, and wish the newlyweds the best. I hope they listened well to their vows as well as the Bishop’s charge afterward. I also hope they learn from the mistakes of some present at the ceremony.

Here are 9 random thoughts while watching:

1. The only place to watch the wedding is on BBC.

2. They are singing a Charles Wesley tune! Pretty cool.

3. A Royal Wedding is apparently the opportunity of choice for Americans to demonstrate their cultural arrogance and historical ignorance (Facebook is the tool of choice for this).

4. Most surreal moment: watching Elton John sing, “Guide Me, O Thou Great Redeemer.”

5. Harry is a hoot.

6. How many of the hats worn were designed by Dr. Seuss?

7. Watching events like this make me feel as if I’m watching a live scene from history.

8. How would it work to have a trumpet fanfare just before I enter the pulpit on Sunday?

9. Even British children sound intellectual.

So, what are your thoughts? Did you watch? How do you feel about events like this?


5 thoughts on “9 Random Thoughts (by an American) on the Royal Wedding

  1. I had to get up at 2am to get DH off to work , so I stay up to watch so of it , I fell asleep and missed some of it.
    and I agree with ya . with # 5, 6, and 7,

    for #8 if they ever do that for you tape it , cause I want to see it! 😉

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