Thank You

This morning I am thankful. I do not rejoice at the death of the wicked (Ezekiel 18.23), I am aware that those who do not repent will all also perish (Luke 13.5), but I am thankful for justice (Romans 13.4). I am thankful that an enemy who had committed himself to harming our nation is gone.

Thank you, CIA for gathering the information on OBL’s location and leading the mission. Thanks to your agents and analysts who have played such an important part in this ongoing search.

Thank you, Navy SEALs for accomplishing an intricate, dangerous mission – demonstrating once again why you are considered the “elite.”

Thank you, American military for all your sacrifices of being actively and personally engaged in the hunt for the past 10 years.

Thank you, President George Bush for initiating and continuing this search for the years of your leadership. Thanks for every effort you made to keep our nation safe.

Thank you, President Barack Obama for making this search a priority. Thank you for having the courage to commit to this despite the potential backlash from a difficult mission.

Thank you, Americans for demonstrating that, despite our many differences, we are united in the face of adversity and a common enemy.

Most of all, thank you, God for the execution of justice through your sword-bearing minister.


2 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. There is a difficult line to draw between rejoicing about his death and giving thanks to the folks who caused it. I did find the televised reactions to be a bit disturbing.

    I penned a few Christian responses at my place.

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