The race has begun. The candidates are talking. Are we asking the right questions?

I’ve not posted much on politics recently.  I could give several reasons for this, but I suppose the primary is that I don’t like the frame of mind the current political situation gets me into.  (The dilemma between idealism and realism, the effectiveness political activism/social activism, etc.)

Another concern I have is that Christian voters often fail to ask the right questions of their candidates. For example, I am bothered by the unqualified endorsement of Ayn Rand by many leading conservatives. Ayn Rand’s vehemently anti-Christian philosophy is difficult to reconcile with a biblical world-view.

I will be the first to admit I’m no expert on Rand, but I have read enough of her views to know I have a radically different worldview. There may be some issues on which we would agree, but her foundational views of God, charity, and religion in general cause me to question the rest of her system of thought. How can such fundamental issues NOT affect her entire belief system?

I don’t question someone’s conservatism or Christianity over this, but I have to wonder how they reconcile such issues. For politicians who profess being profoundly influenced by her writings it raises the question in my mind of HOW MUCH and in WHAT AREAS they have been influenced.

In Take a stand against Rand, a recent article for WORLD magazine, Marvin Olasky articulates the same concerns. He notes that, “religious liberals are now rightly chastising conservatives who idolize her (Rand).” The conservatives who endorse her thinking, he says,

if they want support from Christians, cannot merely react to the left’s criticism with a shrug: They should show what in Rand they agree with and what they spurn. The GOP’s big tent should include both libertarians and Christians, but not anti-Christians.

If conservative politicians continue to seek the support of Christian voters, they should be able to clarify the extent of her influence and qualify their endorsement accordingly. If Christians are going to support these candidates we should discerningly seek answers to these questions.

What is your opinion on Ayn Rand?
What questions do you think Christians should be asking of political candidates?


7 thoughts on “The race has begun. The candidates are talking. Are we asking the right questions?

  1. Excellent post Nephos!! I posted something similar in a post titled “Good Friday Shrugged” [].

    I have also had several discussions with folks who quote Rand on Facebook. It is amazing how much ignorance there is about her out there. And I so agree with Olasky about not needing anti-Christian folks in the GOP tent.

  2. Marvin Olasky apparently wants to decide who is anti-christian inside the GOP while promoting his personal opinions. Why does Olasky not focus on those candidates that claim to stand on christian principles and look into some of the things they said about their supposed christian motivations. I would love to read what Olasky thinks of Bachmann’s views for example. But sofar we don’t read any of that.

  3. Ms. Rand appears to have reached her anti-Christian views without Mr. Olasky’s help.

    I’d agree that the views of Mrs. Bachmann, Mr. Paul, and all the other candidates should be questioned and evaluated regarding their fundamental philosophy.

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