How much do you REALLY know?

Don’t just be a hearer, be a doer. Only when I do, can I really say I KNOW. In Teaching to Change Lives Howard Hendricks reminds us that for the Christian, there is no knowing without doing.

When you read the word hear in the New Testament, you can also read it do. Because the Lord Jesus welded those words together when he said, “He that heareth my words and doeth them, he it is who loves me . . . Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do the things I tell you?” His implication? “Either stop calling me ‘Lord’ or start doing what I ask you.”

The name of the game in Christian education is not knowledge — it’s active obedience.

I have a constant debate with the Lord. You see, I’m always trying to impress him with how much I know of his Word, but for some strange reason he’s never impressed.

Why should he be? Everything I know is the product of what he has revealed to me. And he’s constantly reminding me of how little like Jesus Christ I am.

In the spiritual realm, the opposite of ignorance is not knowledge, it’s obedience. In New Testament understanding, to know and not to do is not to know at all.

So the Lord says, “Hendricks, do you understand this?”

“Yes, Lord, I do.”

“Good,” he says. “The next move is yours.”


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