Monday Morning Blessings

It’s Monday morning and time to begin a new week.

Since Monday is sometimes considered the most discouraging day of the week, why not share a blessing from your worship yesterday?  A song? A friend? A sermon? A Scripture? What blessed you “on the Lord’s day?”


2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blessings

  1. While I was playing the guitar in church yesterday morning and listening to the congregation here in Cape Verde sing in Potuguese,….” Let’s forget about ourselves, and magnify the Lord and worship Him,….” As I was thinking of the words in English and trying to keep time on the guitar , I couldn’t help but think” What a blessing!” I thought to myself,…I sure wish our supporters in America could hear this right now….:)

    • Thanks, Kimberly!

      It’s a blessing to think of believers around the world worshiping the Lord – different time, place, language . . . same great God!

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