No. I won’t share your Christian movie with my friends. (Yet.)

I noticed a tweet this AM from a well-known ministry asking me to promote a documentary project to my friends. Personally, I have a problem with this. I respect this group and expect that eventually I will do my small part to promote the film to others.

What I dislike is the assumption that just because I agree with their message, I must automatically jump on the bandwagon and share it with all my friends. I have no idea of the quality of the film, the validity of their arguments, or the nature of their claims to being “controversial.” All of these may be true, but why am I expected to take them for granted merely because the project comes from a Christian ministry?

It reminds me of the mind-set in which Christians are supposed to go “hog-wild” over any music, book, movie etc., simply because it’s “Christian. I HAVE to like it simply because someone tacked the name “Christian” on it. Christian music, Christian fiction, Christian movies, Christian art, Christian t-shirts, Christian potpourri . . .

Most of Johann Sebastian Bach’s music was written for use in church. John Bunyan wrote Pilgrim’s Progress as an allegory of the Christian experience. Both were for overtly Christian purposes, but they were of such quality that they stand as masterpieces in their field.

I’m not asking for a masterpiece, but if your product is good quality, let it stand on its on feet and trust me to make a decision on its own merits. Don’t presume that I will do your footwork without first knowing what I am promoting. I would never do it for secular works, and I won’t do it for sacred.

What about you? Have you ever been asked to promote a “Christian” work? Ever recommended or endorsed one that you later found of sub-standard quality? One that was worth it?


2 thoughts on “No. I won’t share your Christian movie with my friends. (Yet.)

  1. Great stuff Cameron! Even worse than this is my Christian friends who want me to help them in their multilevel marketing “businesses”. And you don’t want to ask me about “missionaries” that I do not personally know who ask me for money.

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