Evolution of the Pastoral Role

I came across the following quote while reading J.P. Moreland’s “Love Your God With All Your Mind: The Role of Reason in the Life of the Soul”. Emphasis is mine.

I have become convinced that we evangelicals neither value nor have a strategy for developing every member of our congregations to one degree or another as Christian thinkers. To convince yourself of this you need only look regularly at the types of books that show up on the Christian booksellers’ top-ten list. Since the 1960s, we have experienced an evolution in what we expect a local church pastor to be. Forty years ago he was expected to be a resident authority on theology and biblical teaching. Slowly this gave way to a model of the pastor as the CEO of the church, the administrative and organizational leader. Today the ministers we want are Christianized pop therapists who are entertaining to listen to.

Right or wrong, for good or bad, there has certainly been a transition in the popular philosophy of ministry. So here’s a couple of questions:

1) What negative changes do you see in the common perception of pastoral ministry?

2) What, if any, positive changes do you see?


One thought on “Evolution of the Pastoral Role

  1. kansasbob says:

    I see the role of the pastor in two ways …

    1) A hired hand resident authority on theology and biblical teaching.

    2) An shepherd who is an administrative and organizational leader that sets vision for church through teaching and pastorally caring for the flock.

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