Republican Candidates: I’m just like Reagan . . . except when I’m not.

I was involved in more important things last night (spending time with my family) so I was not able to watch the Republican primary debate. From what I’ve read it got brutal. It seems as if, desperate to stand out from the crowd, the candidates have turned their guns on each other.

This is sad. Most of these candidates have some positive attributes. Several seem as if they could do a competent or better job of leading the country from a conservative position. If they would just debate the issues and leave the personal attacks alone! Given the current tone in politics generally, that may be too much to ask for.

For a group of individuals that seem pathetically desperate to wear the mantle of Reagan, they seem to have forgotten his well-known 11th commandment: “Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican.”


One thought on “Republican Candidates: I’m just like Reagan . . . except when I’m not.

  1. It is difficult for many of them because Romney is the only consistent leader in the polls and he is simply not conservative enough for many. I have been impressed how nice-guy Romney seems to laugh off and counter the attacks.

    Of course this stuff is pretty mild if one compares them to the British parliament. 🙂

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