Nephos Nine

Throughout the week I enjoy reading a variety of blogs and news items. I thought I would share with my readers a selection of those that intrigued/amused/interested me. Here are some from this week. Enjoy!

1. Jonathan McBride returns to Community Built with what I hope is the first of many new posts: “Essential Community Involvement.”

2. Dr. Al Mohler gives a thought-provoking response to a critique of evangelicalism answering the question, “Do we really believe the Bible is the Word of God?” with Total Capitulation: The Evangelical Surrender of Truth.

3. Southern Gospel Critique continues a review of the top 100 Southern Gospel recordings with one of my favorites.

4. National award-winning persuasive speech by high schooler Matthew Mittelberg on abortion.

5. In War and Peace Pastor Tullian Tchividjian is interviewed by Leadership Journal and recounts the challenges of filling big shoes.

6. Carl Trueman is interested in dogs that don’t bark.

7. Jesus would have been an atheist if he had known what we know today. At least that’s what Richard Dawkins thinks.

8. Early in the week I read this CNN article which examines Why computer voices are mostly female. My favorite excerpt from the article?

“This may explain why in almost all GPS navigation systems on the market, the default voice is female. One notable exception has been Germany, where BMW was forced to recall a female-voiced navigation system on its 5 Series cars in the late 1990s after being flooded with calls from German men saying they refused to take directions from a woman.”

9. 22 Words shares 10 crazy pictures from the floods in Bangkok.


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