Nephos Nine

1. On its 70th birthday, Russell Moore shares the memories of his home church.

2. Grace and Forgiveness in the White House from the interview Reconsidering Bush’s Compassionate Conservatism.

3. An amazing story of transformation: Reformed skinhead endures agony to remove tattoos.

4. Satirically (and sadly) hilarious piece by the Onion: All Seven Deadly Sins Committed At Church Bake Sale. Fiction, yes, but unfortunately there is probably a large degree of truth to it.

5. Amy is finding strength after A Month in a Whirlwind.

6. 5 reasons you’ll leave my church plant by Joe Holland.

7. Michael Hyatt learned some lessons about leadership from a root canal.

8. Thought provoking question from The Wardrobe Door: How do you want your chapter to end?

9. After reading of the acquisition of Thomas Nelson Publishers by HarperCollins, I found this post by a bookstore owner quite helpful.


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