The Power of a God-Story

What is a God-Story? It is a living, breathing testimony of God at work in the life of an individual.

Who has a God story? Anyone who has been redeemed from their sin and born into the family of God has a God story.

Who can have a God story? Anyone who wants one.

Mary Magdalene had one. She was demon possessed. Fully under the control of Satan. Her life was wrecked by the sins she had committed. Through the power of Jesus, she was set free from the power of sin and Satan.

Nicodemus had a God-story. He was a religious leader and a teacher of the law. While Mary had made a life-practice of breaking the law, he had made it a life-practice to obey it. He was an intellectual, but encountering Jesus opened his eyes to spiritual truths he had never known. After a midnight meeting with Christ, he left with a God-story.

Paul had a God-story. Persecutor. Executioner, Religious. But when he met Jesus on the Damascus road, his life was forever changed, and he had a God-story to tell.

The Bible tells us of people from all backgrounds and walks of life who experienced a God-story. Men and women. Jew and Gentile. Rich and poor. Religious and heathen. It makes no difference when it comes to God’s work.

Through several posts, I want to examine the Power of a God-Story through the example of Rahab the harlot in Joshua 2.

What is your God-story? Do you have one? Think about the wonderful things God has done for you and share them in a comment if you like.


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