Sing Me a Song of Broken Guitars and Rude Waiters

Poor customer service is a pet peeve of many people. Dave Carroll’s musical response to United’s infamous treatment of his guitar went viral, in part at least because it resonated with many others:

If I could write a similar song, my lyrics would certainly address ill-mannered servers in restaurants. I can endure many things from them, but rudeness is not one of them. Recently my waiter’s warm reception chilled visibly when I ordered water (that’s what I drink at home as well) instead of a $2 soft drink (I think he hoped I would order a more expensive drink, but as a teetotaler that wasn’t going to happen). He returned to my table only once during the meal, but suddenly transformed into my best friend when he brought the check.

I appreciate those who work as servers. I know they endure a lot of grief, poor treatment, and low wages. I treat them with respect and tip well. But attitude because I order water instead of an expensive drink is unacceptable, and a friendly demeanor when you leave my check fails to compensate for a meal’s worth of neglect.

Ever wished you could “write a song” about your customer service experience? What tale would your song tell?


2 thoughts on “Sing Me a Song of Broken Guitars and Rude Waiters

  1. Having worked in a restaurant, I have a great deal of sympathy for servers. They don’t have an enviable job!

    Sadly, the waitresses I worked with often complained that the most difficult crowd to wait on were the church crowd on Sunday afternoon. Most impatient, hardest to please, worst tippers . . . you name it they experienced it. Unfortunately all Christians don’t seem to think about their testimony when they are in public.

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