Nephos 9

1. The perfect Christmas gift for men. If it moves and shouldn’t – duct tape. If it should move and doesn’t – WD-40.

2. Is God Logical? Barnabassays no. What do you think?

3. A tongue-in-cheek (yet insightful) post about 5 Ways to Get Attention in the Christian Blogosphere.

4. Josh Harris is a young pastor who believes We Need Doctrine.

5. That post reminded me of this:

6. I recently came across this poem while researching for a sermon. Ray Van Neste has shared it in its entirety. It’s a classic hymn by Pastor Paul Gerhardt, “Give to the Winds Thy Fears.”

7. Jonathan Leeman offers sound advice on discovering and using spiritual gifts.

8. A dad seeks to offer a biblical response to his son’s question about disabilities.

I’m not sure if Joe understands any of what I told him or even if it was the right response in the moment, but he’s asking God-centered questions and as his dad that warms my sin-stained soul. And hopefully, through the gift of a brother with various disabilities, he is learning that “good” is not necessarily synonymous with “easy”.

9. For those who are already in the Christmas spirit, here’s Tim Hawkin’s take on a Christmas classic:


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