Messiah done right

I’ve seen several videos lately that tried to demonstrate why some choirs should not do the Messiah.  They all use off-key/butchered/generally-disastrous examples to prove their point.  I think this video provides a much stronger argument.

Hallelujah Chorus – Choir of King’s College

It’s well worth four of your minutes to watch!

totht: Denny Burk


3 thoughts on “Messiah done right

  1. hayesworldview says:

    My favorite complete Messiah recordings:

    Paul McCreesh and the Gabrieli Consort
    Trevor Pinnock and the English Concert
    Christopher Hogwood and the Ancient Academy of Music

    It is tough to go wrong with any of these…the closing Amen of the McCreesh recording however is incredibly moving, almost electrifying if you are familiar with the musical language.

    1. Nephos says:

      I have to say I’m unfamiliar with specific recordings of the Messiah . . . but from the clips I’ve been able to find online these sound excellent. Thanks for the recommendations!

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