Nephos 9

1. Awesome book giveaway by Blogging Theologically: I’m Giving You a Library for Christmas!

2. Tim Tebow Uses Words At All Time addresses Tim Tebow’s boldness in speaking for Christ.

3. Michael Hyatt has an enlightening infographic that explains Why Sitting is Killing You.

4. Another good post by Michael Hyatt on The Difference Between Trying and Doing.

Which brings this interesting graphic to mind . . .


6. Aaron Earls at The Wardrobe Door evaluates the intolerant tolerance at the University of Buffalo.

7. Tim Ellsworth is the co-author of Pujols: More Than a Game. He gives a superb assessment of Pujols departure from St. Louis to Anaheim in The better Angels of Pujols’ nature.

8. If you’ve ever been to a Sunday School Christmas party, you’ve participated in a gift-exchange game of some sort. You’ll also relate to the Top 5 Gift-Exchange Gifts Everybody Brings, But Nobody Wants. Been there . . . and got the chocolate covered cherries to prove it!

9. And . . . as a public service more holiday deals! Christmas specials on resources from 9 Marks ministries.

Update: Just caught an incorrect link in #6 above. My apologies, and here is the bonus link – the feel good movie of the year! Jaws! (Disneyfied)


4 thoughts on “Nephos 9

  1. now tell me, if someone give ya that much money to move, wouldn’t ya take it? 😉

    I’m hurt that I didn’t get picked for ya post, ya didn’t like my snowball fight post 😕

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