Nephos 9: Tebow Version

I’ve not posted much (if anything) about Denver Bronco quarterback Tim Tebow. Mostly, I’ve sat and watched, or read, his incredible story unfold this season. That said, here in a special Monday edition of Nephos Nine are 9 thoughts about Tim Tebow:

1. Everyone who criticizes him is not anti-Christian. To characterize every attack as faith-based is disingenuous at best and dishonest at worst.

2. Everyone who likes him is not unaware of his short-comings on the field.

3. There HAS been criticism (open and some not so) of HOW he expresses his faith. Ironically, the sharpest criticism I’ve seen about this seems to come from other Christian athletes.

4. I appreciate his desire to live a righteous life. This has been true since college, and I believe this is partly why he is such a mystery to some people. For him it is just part of his commitment to God – to our society it is an anomaly.

5. While I’ve not been a big fan of him as a player (he IS a Gator, and old habits die hard), I DO appreciate his desire to bring glory to God as a person.

6. It’s no big deal that he prays during a game or after a touchdown. God may not care about the final score of a football game. He does care that His children give Him thanks and acknowledgement when they succeed. I’ve heard Tebow give glory to God in wins AND losses.

7. He purposefully uses the “platform” of his popularity. His clearly specific answers regarding his relationship with Christ demonstrate this strategic approach. Others athletes have used their “platform,” but few as vocally and intentionally as he has. In the interviews I have seen of him, he tends to be more aggressive and/or clear in his expression of how his faith shapes his life than your average “I thank God for that win,” or pointing to the sky after a score.

8. I am amazed at those who seem obsessed with a desire for his failure. The vehemence of those who predict his failure is part of what makes his success so dramatic.

9. You can’t help but be impressed with his passion/drive/enthusiasm for the game. It’s infectious. Yesterday’s win vs. Chicago was like watching a kid playing in his backyard after Christmas dinner.

Whatever your opinion of him, Tebow has certainly elicited passionate responses (positive and negative) from the public. I pray for him because he has a huge target on his back. It’s true of any “celebrity” Christian – “With increased recognition comes increased risk.” Like all the rest of us he is not perfect, and the moment he slips, even slightly, it will be amplified beyond proportion.

So how about you? What do you think of Tebow? Fan, critic, or indifferent?


3 thoughts on “Nephos 9: Tebow Version

  1. I would not call myself a fan, but you really have to admire the young man for his faith.
    You are right; he does have a huge target on his back. I too pray he will remain strong and grow stronger in faith.

  2. I was kinda hoping that the Panthers first year QB would be as successful. Oh well.

    My greatest fear is what you mentioned in the last paragraph. Since he is so vocal about his beliefs (a positive), he is easier to accuse even if innocent. I hope he knows how careful he has to be in order to keep this kind of reputation for the Lord.

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