Top Ni . . . Ten Tebow Books of 2012 (Updated)

Top 9 10 Tebow Books of 2012

Editorial Update:
In the comment section, Kansas Bob kindly pointed out that Dan Brown’s latest book was excluded from the Top 9 Tebow Books of 2012. Consider the unfortunate oversight rectified.


I posted about Tebow yesterday and thought I was through . . but after the Broncos’ dynamic come-back win on Sunday, the web lit up with articles, posts, and comments about him. Everyone’s riding the “Tebow” wave. Even some prominent Christian authors are apparently planning to capitalize on his popularity. Here are some books rumored to be in the works for 2012. Some are certain to be bestsellers!

1. By Leadership guru John Maxwell: Developing the Tebow Within You. (With each purchase you receive a companion mini-volume of quotes about Tebow by ESPN experts).

2. Well-known pastor and author John Piper spent a large part of his recent sabbatical writing what will no doubt become a classic among Reformed football fans, Don’t Waste Your Tebow.

3. William P. Young plans to write another blockbuster novel titled The Sack.

4. According to reports, Pastor Tullian Tchividjian is already scheduling a promotional tour for Jesus + Tebow = Plenty.

5. Master wordsmith Max Lucado continues his string of best-sellers with, Outplay your Tebow.

6. Dr. Russell Moore will doubtless score another hit with his projected book titled, Tempted and Tebowed.

7. Rob Bell created unending controversy this year. That won’t stop him from producing a follow-up titled, Tebow Wins: A Book About Gainesville, Denver, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Played against Tim Terrific.

8. Tebow fan and apologist extraordinaire Lee Strobel continues his popular series with The Case for Tebow .

9. And just when you thought his 15 minutes was over, Todd Burpo has just inked another deal for, Tebow is for Real: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to the End Zone and Back.

2012 looks to be an outstanding year for Christian publishing!


9 thoughts on “Top Ni . . . Ten Tebow Books of 2012 (Updated)

  1. Amen Cameron Thanks for the coverage.
    Thanks for your tweet which led me to you

    My thoughts about authors exploiting Tebow?
    My twitter post today for #Followers could apply to #Christian #authors

    #Jesus #Followers Let the words of our mouths & the #meditation of our #heart B acceptable to U oh #Lord our #Rock & our #Redeemer Psa 19:14
    12/13/2011 6:50 am 2 minutes ago Favorite Reply Delete

    Blessings, Don

  2. I thought surely Joel Osteen’s book,”Your Best Tebow Now” would have made the list. But them again it is only a top 9, not top 10.

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