Weekends are for Worship: Loving God in Worship

The heart of our worship is our love for God. True worship is impossible apart from a passion for Him. Here’s another passage from Charnock on spiritual worship.

“Excite and exercise particularly a love to God, and dependence on him. Love is a commanding affection, a uniting grace; it draws all the faculties of the soul to one center. The soul that loves God when it hath to do with him, is bound to the beloved object; it can mind nothing else during such impressions. When the affection is set to the worship of God, everything the soul has will be bestowed upon it.”

“The happiness of heaven consists in a full attraction of the soul to God, by his glorious influence upon it; there will be such a diffusion of his goodness throughout the souls of the blessed, as will unite the affections perfectly to him; these affections which are scattered here, will be there gathered into one flame, moving to him, and centering in him: therefore, the more of a heavenly frame possesses our affections here, the more settled and univorm will our hearts be in all their motions to God, and operations about him.”


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