Nephos 9

Over the Christmas holidays I will be taking a break from new posts. Family, holidays, and travel will be taking up my time, and – world-changing and imminently important as blogging is – I plan to invest every spare moment in them.

Through the rest of the year, however, I will be re-posting some of the top posts from this past year. That way, if you missed them or are new to my blog, you will have a chance to check them out.

I hope everyone enjoys this holiday season and has a Merry Christmas! With that, here is this week’s Nine:

1. The best article on the death of renowned atheist, Christopher Hitchens’ I’ve read yet. Russell Moore says Christopher Hitchens might be in heaven.

2. Professor Steve Horwitz asks . . .

3. Photbotos is a cool site for those who like beautiful photos. My favorite:

Check them out for plenty more!

4. Matt muses about mathematics and Imago Dei.

5. Now this is my kind of Christmas decoration! (totht) 22 Words

6. A wise wife and God’s Funeral.

7. So you’ve preached a sermon, blogged a post, or written a book. Barnabas asks, So What?

8. Owen Strachan comments on the amazing story of a Mother stirring her “dead” baby to life by skin-to-skin contact.

9. An amazing video from 22 Words demonstrates why skateboarding is 1,000 times more impressive in slow motion.


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