Nephos 9

1. Russell Moore considers the possibility that the next Billy Graham Might be drunk right now. Christianity is NOT genetic.

2. I love Jon Acuff’s warning about post-mission trip pretentiousness. I also enjoyed using the word “pretentiousness.” (Was that too pretentious?)

3. Greg Howlett’s application of Dave Ramsey’s formula is true for finances, music, and other areas of life as well.

4. If, like me, you use the E-Sword Bible program you will appreciate these links to commentary modules from A ‘Goula Blogger. If you are not using it, you should check it out – it’s free! I’ve used it for some years now and highly recommend it.

5. Those who are familiar with Southern Gospel will recognize the name Ken Turner. Aaron Swain reports that for the first time in some years Ken is singing full-time. The videos there demonstrate what I’ve always thought: Bass singers just get better with age!

6. Many are blogging about their resolution for Bible reading in 2012. Aaron Armstrong explains why he’s not using a Bible reading plan this year.

7. Iowan Shane Vander Hart shares his thoughts about Rick Santorum’s near-win in the Iowa Caucuses.

8. Are biographies good for the soul? Jason Helopoulus thinks so. Having just finished an excellent biography of Patrick Henry, and having enjoyed quite a few in my life, I concur!

9. This just speaks for itself. A new take on an old classic:


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