Nephos 9

Here for your weekend reading enjoyment:

1. Believing in Tim Tebow

I know everyone’s “Tebowed” out, but this article focuses on what’s important about him.

2. 13 Pictures of Crazy Goats on Cliffs

Mountain goats have to either be the craziest or most fearless creature on four legs. You decide.

3. Let Me Tell You How to Vote

Dr. Kevin Bauder addresses Christians and voting.

4. Slay Your Dragons Before Breakfast

Michael Hyatt faces the same morning dragon I do: Lethargy! This is how he defeats him early.

5. More Than Enough

A conversation between Phillip and Andrew as imagined by Jon Bloom.

6. President Obama and Same-sex Marriage: The Dance Continues

Will the President’s “evolving” views on gay rights and same-sex marriage affect this year’s election?


For those of us who are still trying to figure out primaries, caucuses, conventions and super-delegates, this video clears it all up.

8. Church Sign of the Week

Some have wondered if God cares about football. These churches seem to think so.



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