What I’d really like to say is . . .

Have you ever wanted to say something to someone but, for whatever reason, didn’t?

Here’s my most unstated advice: “Get over yourself!” Some folks just take themselves way too seriously. Some pontificate solely for the purpose of hearing themselves speak. Some wouldn’t know a joke if it slapped them in the face. Others tenaciously hold to a point of view, not because it’s necessarily right, but because it’s their’s.

To these (and many others) I would like to say “Get over yourself!” Don’t take yourself so seriously. I’ve seldom, if ever, actually uttered these words aloud, but they circulate through my mind frequently (often for my own admonishment).

I suspect Nephos readers are much more spiritual than to feel this way, but what advice would you like to offer, but haven’t?

(To protect the innocent, please don’t name the recipient of your wisdom!)


2 thoughts on “What I’d really like to say is . . .

    • I agree, Bob. Someone told me once, “Take God very seriously, but don’t take yourself too serious.” I tend to provide plenty of reason to laugh at myself.

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