Nephos 9

For your weekend reading, the Nephos 9:

1. Burmese Christians cautious but hopeful – Flickers of Hope for Some of the World’s Longest Running Persecuted.

2. Jonathan McBride addresses the State of the Christian Union. He’s not the president, but I’d probably vote for him if he ran.

3. This insightful piece from Kevin DeYoung struck a chord with me, especially point 6. What the debates say about America.

4. Surprisingly, Europe’s courts have recently made several pro-life decisions. Europe’s Top Courts Are On a Pro-Life Roll.

5. Asics. Apparently I’ve been pronouncing it incorrectly. At least I’m not alone. Asics Rhymes with Classics?

6. The Wardrobe Door looks at the importance of ecclesiastical context (past and present) to our understanding of scripture. Do we need more than the Holy Spirit and our Bible for our theology?

7. This has happened to most of us. Maybe that’s why it made me laugh. And You Thought I was Perfect.

8. Ok. I am officially creeped out by this. Millions of Spiders Overrunning trees to Escape Floodwater.

9. Should have listened to those warnings!


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