King George Misses the Point

After strenuous objections by religious employers to a portion of Obamacare that would require them to pay for pay for contraceptives, sterilizations, and abortions, President Obama has offered a concession. How big of him. With an accounting shell game, the organizations won’t have to pay directly but will still pay through increased premiums to the insurance companies.

In other words, he infringes on the religious liberties of Americans. Then, when they protest, he “graciously” gives them back what he had no right to take. Except not. The “accommodation” is no accommodation at all.

Also, this “concession” does nothing for Christian business owners who might object.

This is not a “Catholic” issue. It is an American issue. Catholic, Protestant, Jew, Baptist, business or individual, it threatens our religious liberty. It is not about religious affiliation, politics, or views on contraception. This is government mandated violation of conscience, and it is part of a disturbing trend from this administration.

This pattern seems familiar. A leader gradually tramples the liberties of his people, pretends to listen to their remonstrance, offers a concession (that concedes nothing at all), then does what he originally intended because no one has the right to stand in his way. He IS the king.

He should have paid better attention.

King George III missed the point.


Apparently so does President Obama.


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