Book Review: Reading Scriptures with the Reformers

Why should I care what men who lived centuries ago believed?

The “imperialism of the present” would tell me they are irrelevant. It would, however, also blind me to the benefit of those who have traveled the road of faith before me. In Reading Scripture with the Reformers Timothy George argues there is legitimate and substantial benefit in understanding the Scriptures through the eyes of the Reformers.

George guides the reader through the twists and turns of the Reformation. Along the tour he introduces the leading (often little-known) figures of this period. Their distinct and occasionally conflicting approaches to the Scriptures provide the thematic understanding of its history.

What becomes evident through this historical excursion is the centrality of Scripture to this era. From leader to layman, Protestant to Catholic, saint to sinner, new-found access to the Bible opened up opportunities and influences. The author shows the influence of what the Reformers read, how they interpreted their reading, and how their influence shaped how subsequent generations viewed Scripture.

The contemporary church has much to learn from those who have journeyed ahead of us. For those seeking to explore the benefits of this section of the road, Reading Scripture with the Reformers is an excellent guide-map.

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