Weird Prayer Wednesday (2/29/12)

We should be comfortable with prayer, but sometimes we get so comfortable we forget that God is God. We talk to or about Him as if He were human. We tell him what He should do, or add information about our requests. I’ve occasionally caught myself giving God detail in my prayers as if He was unaware!

One of the funniest comments I’ve heard recently illustrates this. A lady shared with me a particular prayer request she was burdened about:

“I didn’t know what to think about the situation. So I prayed about it, and God said He didn’t know what to think about it either!”

What about you? Ever stopped and thought, “I just told the all-knowing God where my Uncle Bob lives”? Ever prayed something and immediately thought, “That was a silly thing to say!”?


2 thoughts on “Weird Prayer Wednesday (2/29/12)

  1. Tim A. says:

    Cameron, I recently, before eating breakfast, asking blessing on the meal was praying for my “baby” sister and her husband.
    I asked the Lord to “knock him up side the head”; and my thinking at the time was to get the man’s attention.
    I laughed as soon as I said it. But it came from my heart.
    Thanks for the thought.

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