Dear Preacher, Please Shut Up

Dear Pastor/Evangelist/Missionary,

Let me speak frankly. Quit being a hypocrite.

If you share unconfirmed, unverified stories while on your computer (by e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, etc), then please keep your mouth closed about gossip, slander or lying while you are in the pulpit.

Just because you disagree with or don’t like someone, doesn’t justify you playing fast and loose with the truth or abrogate your obligation to speak it. I don’t care who you heard say it in a sermon, if you don’t have substantiated proof, you are a gossip. That is sin.

Society calls them urban legends. An “urban legend” is usually a lie that got told enough that people started believing it.

Not sure if it’s true? Do your research. Snopes and Google will be your friends. Invest about two minutes on a search engine. Take a visit to your local library.

On second thought, if in doubt about it . . . be above reproach. Don’t spread it at all. No Christian should be guilty of this, but especially one who has a God-given responsibility to deal in truth-proclamation.

Thank you.


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