Nephos 9

For your weekend reading enjoyment . . .

1. In honor of April 1st, here’s the story of the greatest April 1 prank, ever.

2. Last week I commented on Kathy Keller’s article on raising children in the city. Jonathan McBride presents a different perspective in Why Do Cities Just Make Sense.

3. One word comes to mind here: Ouch!

4. Running + Life Lessons = Winning Combination. I really connected with Running Lessons from Trails from the Heart.

5. A national Christian organization called for a boycott of an international coffee chain.

6. Russell Moore responded with an explanation of “Why Christians shouldn’t boycott Starbucks.”

7. Being of the “Don’t boycott OR buy” mentality, MereOrthodoxy’s Starbucks, Boycotts, and (Not) Buying Coffee resonated more with me.

*Whatever your view and/or approach to this matter, it’s not going away. The number of corporations who are pro-actively working against our positions on social issues is going to increase. We need to be prepared to have a well-thought out ethical and Scriptural response.

8. Two prominent professors have recently begun blogs – both have been added to my regular reading list:
Timothy Paul Jones and Daniel B. Wallace.

9. Perceptively accurate!


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