More Abortion Logic: “The fetus is a parasite.”

Seems like just a few days ago I was commenting on logic of abortion rights that argues for infanticide.

This type thinking is so extreme that some pro-abortion advocates accused pro-lifers of writing it to make them look bad.

Now, a blogger at Daily Kos has presented a scientific comparison of a “fetus” (pro-abortion speak for baby) to a parasite. You just can’t make this stuff up. I won’t directly link the full article due to language, but you can read a description of it here and continue to the actual article if you choose.

This, my friends, is where the devaluation of life leads. Let’s develop an antibiotic to eliminate that pesky fetus parasite. Oh, wait. Already done that haven’t they?!?

HT: Shane


4 thoughts on “More Abortion Logic: “The fetus is a parasite.”

    • Paul, Psalm 127.3 is exactly the first passage I thought of when I read this. It totally ignores the blessing of being a parent. I shudder to think whether this writer has shared her feelings on the subject with her child.

    • This just illustrates the problem with the basic assumptions of the abortion position. If you take it to its logical conclusions, you will reach these kind of conclusions. Their logic is sound, but their premises are faulty so they logically conclude such foolishness.

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