Weekends are for Worship: Mystery in Worship

God is Greater Than Our Conception of Him


Over the past few days I’ve been contemplating the element of mystery in our worship. God is far greater than we are able to comprehend. This incomprehensibility is a part of His essence, and true worship should acknowledge it.

Someone might say this is a hindrance to our worship. How can I worship what I don’t understand? But rather than a hindrance, mystery enhances our perception of God and evokes greater worship. We worship God because of the mystery, not in spite of it!

J. I. Packer writes,

“We should never forget that in any case theology is for doxology: the truest expression of trust in a great God will always be worship, and it will always be proper worship to praise God for being far greater than we can know.”


One thought on “Weekends are for Worship: Mystery in Worship

  1. So true. We can continue learning about the nature of God throughout all our lives and never be able to fully comprehend who he truly is. Rather than being a hindrance to worship, this inspires awe and wonder.

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